These are helper functions to help explore data and/or choose priors. Click further for more details.


Choosing priors correctly is very important. Please see for a detailed example of choosing priors within bayesAB. Here are some ways to leverage objective/diffuse (assigning equal probability to all values) priors:

  • Gamma(eps, eps) ~ Gamma(.00005, .00005) will be effectively diffuse

  • InvGamma(eps, eps) ~ InvGamma(.00005, .00005) will be effectively diffuse

  • Pareto(eps, eps) ~ Pareto(.005, .005) will be effectively diffuse

Keep in mind that the Prior Plots for bayesTest's run with diffuse priors may not plot correctly as they will not be truncated as they approach infinity. See plot.bayesTest for how to turn off the Prior Plots.

plot... functions are generated programmatically so the function calls in their body will be substituted directly